четверг, 22 мая 2014 г.


Places I know
Shopping centre "Cuba". It overlooks the main road, it`s within walking distance of the centre, it`s in Cvilinga Street. It holds nearly 2000 people. It`s a place where people can meet friends, go to restaraunts and bars, do some shopping. I like Cuba because It looks well-organised, spacious and vibrant. You get the impression a lot of money has been spent on it recently. It`s so lively, that makes you feel encouraged. But sometimes it looks unfriendly.
Restaurant "Avignon". It is in the basement and overlooks the main road, it`s in Sovetskaya Street in the city centre. There`s enough room for 20 tables. It`s a place where people can meet their friends and relax. It`s quite expensive compared with the burger bar. I like Avignon because it`s so well-organised and fashionable. It makes you feel like the princess. You are made to feel very welcome. It`s really calm and pleasantly there.

My favourite room.
For me, my room is the best place in the flat. You can fit about 4-5 people there sitting down, but it`s much more place to relax or have fun. I have a tendency to want my own space. My room is the place, where I can hide and it`s awesome. It`s always cosy, clean and warm. The atmosphere is very homely and calm. 

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