среда, 7 мая 2014 г.

About my health

I have always been lucky about my health. I have sprained my ankle, but I have never broken a bone or an arm. I sometimes have colds in summer and hay fever in spring, but I have never had flu or asthma. My problem is that I carry too much, that`s why I often feel depressed, irritable and I do occasionally feel a little bit on edge. Moreover, I have problems sleeping and usually feel under the weather. To keep healthy, I do regular exercise, every evening I go jogging. But I don`t have a good diet. I always eat what I want and I really love junk food. In my opinion, the most dangerous disease in my country, esspecially in my town - Chelyabinsk is cancer. Each year the risk of this disease become more and more higher. That happens because of our environment (the main cause) and because of our unhealthy lifestyles. 

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