четверг, 10 апреля 2014 г.

World health

Volunteers on the Lifeline Express

From my point of view, these volunteers on the Lifeline Express are awesome and gorgeous people. Lots of people all over the world suffer from different diseases and don`t have enough treatment and necessary medicine. That`s why it`s really important for every human to help destitute. India is a visible example of poverty and sickness, this country doesn`t have sufficient cure. And these volunteers give them a chance to have  a happy and long life.

Healthy lifestyle
"We need to do something to reduce the number of cancer cases". I agree. Cancer appears because of our unhealthy lifestyle and there isn`t any cure for this horrible disease yet. So everything that we can do is to change our lifestyle, become more health conscious. 
"People should be able to choose their own lifestyle". I agree. Every human has a freedom to choose his or her way of life. It`s not up to somebody to decide what others should do. It`s an own choice of each person.
"Advertising of junk food is a bad thing". I can`t say that advertising of junk food is a beatiful idea, becase as we know, advertising affects everyone. But we can`t forbid such advertising just because of healthier lifestyle.
"Taxing junk food isn`t a good idea". I agree. People have a choice, people make a choice. So that nobody can ban the freedom.
"The goverment should spend more mooney on sport". I agree. Different sport facilities attract people`s attention, so people will start do some sport to keep fit and stay healthy, it`s great!
"People should live in a healthy way". I agree. Generally, the healthier you are, the longer you live. It doesn`t mean that you should refuse the pleasures of life. Healthy lifestyle intends that people do some sport, eat healthy food and cut down on alcohol, cigarettes and so on. It isn`t the end of the world. You can also enjoy your life.

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