пятница, 14 февраля 2014 г.


1) From my point of view, advertising has become really important and essential part of our life. Different adverts give us special information about products. It`s easier to make a decision what to buy,when you are informed.
2) On my mind, if you want to get away from advertising. you must abandon the life in modern society. It`s almost impossible.
3) I think, advertising affects everyone. Every day we see a lot of adverts on TV, on billboards, in the Internet. Advertisements are everywhere. They all affect our life.
4) If I were a company owner, I also would spend money on advertising. It`s really winning option to make people buy your products. How will people know about your company, If there is no information about it. That`s why advertising exist.
5) The adverts I like most are TV commercials and billboards. There are a lot of worthy TV commercials, nowadays they`re becoming more and more unusual and humorous. And billboards look very attractive, esspecially if there is emotional or amusing picture on it.
6) The ones that annoy me the most are pop-ups and text messages. I hate adverts that are dull and silly. And they are always like that.
7) Whenever I buy something, I always shop around, check out prices online and of course look for bargains. Some adverts and reviews help me a lot too.
8) If I buy something important, I will always read product reviews in the Internet.
9) Moreover, I prefer check out prices online on the Net. It`s really convenient to compare products to make a decision.  

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